Leadership & Management Apprenticeships

Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

Our Leadership and Management Apprenticeships provide a dynamic learning environment for individuals aspiring to enhance their skills in guiding teams towards achieving organisational success. Our Leadership and Management Apprenticeships not only equip apprentices with the necessary tools to navigate complex business landscapes but also foster a hands-on approach to problem-solving. This allows apprentices to develop a multifaceted understanding of leadership dynamics and allow them to become adept and versatile leaders.

leader in adult care st0008 level 5

A Leader in Adult Care has responsibility for managing community or residential based services. This role has a large element of leadership, whether with other care workers and networks or in leading the service itself.

senior leader st0480 level 7

The Senior Leader level 7 standard instils apprentices with high-level leadership and management skills to equip apprentices with skills to manage and lead at higher organisational levels, influencing change and establishing a good work culture among their team to produce results in line with the targets of the organisation.

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