Why Study an Apprenticeship?

Nurturing Apprentices, Shaping Futures

An apprenticeship is a fantastic blend of practical experience within a work environment and additional learning, resulting in the apprentice gaining experience and all the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to thrive within their job role in addition to gaining a nationally recognised qualification.


Additional reasons why apprenticeships are a great tool to start/progress within a career:

No Student Loans

Apprenticeships are a great way to get a Degree level education without the hassle of debt, you even get paid during your training hours!

Earn as you Learn

Unlike a traditional College or University program which incur fees/loans, as a Nishkam Apprentice you get paid throughout the duration of your program. There are no associated costs to you.

Increased Employability

Apprenticeships are designed with the wants of the employers in mind, meaning that the knowledge, skills and behaviours you learn throughout your Apprenticeship are what employers are looking for, which can your increase employability in the future.

Practical Experience

While doing an Apprenticeship, you will get practical experience from working in a job role while being able to directly apply the theory you learn off-the-job, giving you an edge over other candidates when looking for future jobs.

Endless Opportunity

With an Apprenticeship, you can study various levels from GCSE and A-Levels equivalents up to a Master’s Degree, making Apprenticeships an incredible option for career progression, whether you are fresh out of school or have been in an established job role for years.


During your Apprenticeship, you can access several avenues of support by working with experienced professionals at your workplace and the Nishkam Apprenticeship team.

Soft Skills

As an Apprentice, operating in a work environment will help you develop soft skills that you can easily transfer to other jobs, even in different careers, such as working as part of a team, problem-solving, communicating effectively and more.

Countless Options

There are over 600 Apprenticeships; no matter your interests, there’s likely an Apprenticeship for you.

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