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Recruiting and retaining talent can be costly and hard to do. Apprenticeships are a cost-efficient way to recruit new staff and upskill existing employees.

With over 15+ years of high-quality adult education and training for work and professional development, our experienced team knows how to deliver excellent results for our learners to support outstanding career development and progression so that they get the most out of their Apprenticeship.


How you can benefit from a Nishkam Apprenticeship


Workforce Development

Apprenticeships are a great way to develop your workforce and increase their skills.

Increased Productivity / Profitability

A result of developing a more skilled and qualified workforce is increased productivity and profitability.

Grants & Funding

Due to apprenticeships being a point of interest for the Government, we can support you in accessing the various funding & grants available to you for employing an Apprentice.

Reduced Training Costs

Apprenticeships are a cost-efficient way to develop your workforce and save on training costs.

Staff Retention

Apprenticeships can lead to an increase in Staff Retention, due to the opportunities for growth within your business.

Why Work With Us?

Find out why we’re the best apprenticeship training provider for you, learn about our rich history and experience of delivering high-quality adult education.

Employer FAQs

Discover answers to the common questions we receive from employers about their responsibilities and how apprenticeships work.

Apprenticeship Funding

Find out about your funding eligibility as an employer and learn about the apprenticeship levy.

Keep up to date with us

Let us keep you updated with the latest Nishkam Apprenticeship news and exciting opportunities.

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