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The Nishkam apprenticeship programme aspires for all learners to surpass their potential and make meaningful contributions to themselves (personal development), their families, and society, including the workplace, through ethical and social responsibility.

Values-based education integrates and promotes fundamental values, principles, and ethics alongside conventional academic learning. Similarly, values-based apprenticeships would strongly emphasize ethical conduct, social responsibility, and personal growth in addition to the technical and practical skills typically associated with apprenticeship programmes. This approach aims to cultivate apprentices who excel in their chosen field with the employer, make positive societal contributions, and uphold ethical standards in their professional endeavours.

We have amalgamated behaviours from the curriculum, enriching the ethical, personal, and social responsibilities that Nishkam is fervently committed to both locally in the community and nationally alongside employers. Behaviours encompass attitudes, mindsets, or approaches vital for competence. These behaviours will support the change and adaptability that every learner and employer will be seeking in our constantly changing environment.


Ethical Practices

  • Compassion and care: Consistently deliver exemplary service while confidently addressing inadequate practices professionally.
  • Honesty, Trust, and Integrity: Foster trust by operating confidentially, ethically, and empathetically, maintaining a sensible and professional demeanour.
  • Sacrifice: Going beyond oneself (Par Upkar): Ensuring your responsibilities hold equal or ideally higher importance than your rights, benefitting those around you and that you go the extra mile and from the heart in helping others.

Social Responsibility

  • Non-discrimination: Operate without bias, recognising differences, cultural sensitivity and ensuring equal learning opportunities for all children, allowing them to develop and reach their potential.
  • Adherence to Fundamental British values: Embed democratic principles, rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect while embracing diverse faiths and beliefs.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Recognise the vital importance of caring for the planet and all creation.

Personal Development

  • Commitment to Personal Development: Dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes for the learner and employer with initiative and curiosity for new ways of doing things.
  • Team Collaboration: Effective collaboration with colleagues and professionals, supporting other’s learning and development through mentoring and sharing professional expertise with clear communication.
  • Adaptability: Teaching learners to be flexible and open-minded in the face of change as industries and technologies evolve. This will equip learners with analysis, critical thinking and resilience for problem-solving.
  • Role Modelling: A commitment to leading by example in accordance with the best version of oneself through a mindset of life-long learning and leadership.

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