Values led Apprenticeships


The Nishkam Apprenticeship programme will be a centre for excellence by 2024, through the delivery of values-led qualifications from GCSE to degree level. It is our hope to help organisations and learners thrive by co-designing programmes to meet current and future needs.

Nishkam Apprenticeships will contribute to the Nishkam vision of delivering degree-level qualifications by providing paid work-based vocational training and education.

Offering education and training programmes of the highest quality to promote equality and accessibility to all.


We provide apprenticeships, training and education with the following aims:

  • Unlock the potential of individuals to secure well-paid and fulfilling jobs, succeed and thrive, promote self-esteem, practice virtues and make a positive contribution to society
  • Support businesses and organisations to thrive and be a positive force in their community. Ensuring their workforce have the right knowledge skills and behaviours.
  • Make a positive contribution to the economic, social, cultural and moral development of individuals, families and society.

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Working together to harness the infinite potential of individuals and organisations.

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