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An Apprenticeship is a real job blended with studying, allowing learners to gain nationally-recognised qualifications while earning a wage.

Apprenticeships are a great option no matter what career point someone is at. For learners fresh out of school or college, an apprenticeship can help them get into their desired career, allowing them to study and earn a wage. For people further along their career journey, apprenticeships are a fantastic way to change careers or develop further with degree-level apprenticeships.

Apprentices earn and learn, at the same time, gaining valuable practical experience along with new skills and knowledge. Apprentices usually spend four days at work and the other completing “off-the-job” training where they gain the knowledge needed to complete their qualification; this could be a one-to-one session with their tutor or self-learning.

Why Study An Apprenticeship?

Discover the reasons why an Apprenticeship is a great choice for those 16+ to start/progress their career.

Apprentice FAQs

Find out the answers to common questions we receive from Apprentices including “How much do apprentices get paid”, “Who can do an apprenticeship” and “How does an apprenticeship work?”

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